Ripple Effect

Title: Ripple Effect of Forgiveness

In 2009 at a women’s conference in Katherine, NT, two Aboriginal ladies from Manyallaluk community, Rachel Kendino and Mavis Jumbiri, shared a Holy Spirit-inspired vision of forgiveness across Australia. Christian Indigenous artist Safina Stewart (nee Fergie) was attending the gathering and was asked by the ladies to paint their God-given vision.

  • Australia is a country with a hard heart – characterised by unforgiveness, disobedience and bitterness.
  • The water reminds us of the bitter waters of Marah . The cross reminds us of the log God showed Moses to threw into the bitter water of Marah to make it sweet (Exodus15:22-26).
  • The cross of Jesus needs to be central – piercing the hard heart, demonstrating cleansing, forgiveness, hope, complete healing and unity through His power and love.
  • The red ribbon represents the Blood of Jesus, streaming God’s forgiveness (John 3:16).
  • The black and white hands portray the different races who call Australia home.
  • The smaller handprints represent the next up-and-coming generation.
  • The yellow campfires reflect good warming relationships – defined by unity, care and hospitality.
  • The appropriate response to this Vision for all Australians is repentance – to God and each other.
  • The ripple effect represents the prophetic theme of the vision: Forgiveness starts at home and then pushes out as ripples impacting communities and the Nation.

Original Size: 58 x 42cm
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Date: 2009